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Questionable Content- Icons and Graphics

What's this about squirrels and acid?

Questionable Content Icons and Graphics
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All Members , Moderated

This is a community for the sharing of icons and graphics relating to the webcomic Questionable Content by Jeph Jacques. It didn't seem like there was a community created specifically for this purpose, so I created one. I hope it will work out!

Feel free to join. All members can post in the community. I hope that somebody who is gifted with design can help me make the community look pretty. It would be nice to have a few other moderators for the community as well.


I'm not sure what a permanent set of rules should entail. Since posting is open to all members, the rules will depend on the wishes of the creator of each set of icons/each icon. We can create a set of permanent rules per suggestion by the members

-Each week (or whenever the mod feels like it) a QC quote, image, or theme will be put up here. Then an icon must be made using the image or quote.
-To submit an icon, make a post titled "Contest Submission", with your icon as the body. Entries should be tagged "contest" so that they can be easily found.
-Only one icon can be entered per person per contest.
-All icons must be within LJ restrictions (100x100 pixels, 40KB)
-After a week (or so) a mod will put up an entry with all the icons. Members must vote for their two favorites.
-The winner gets a spiffy graphic as a prize!

This Week's Image
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